Commercial Insurance

Commercial (Business) Insurance in Lafayette, Louisiana

If you are a business owner, protect your business with a customized insurance portfolio from Thimmesch Kastner. Your business is our business, and we want to help make sure that you are covered. Your business is your primary means for income, and we can help you develop a system to ensure that will shield you in the event of a disaster or catastrophe.

Types of Coverage:

Business Owner Policy (Property):

When you are a business owner, the buck stops with you. Whether you own, lease or rent your building, we have you covered. Property insurance on your business can protect everything from your physical brick and mortar building to your equipment, computers, office furniture and fixtures.

Business Auto Insurance:

Did you know that different rules may apply when you use your automobile for business? If you own a single car, or if you your business has a fleet of vehicles, we can help you determine what type of coverage you need to rest easy.

Professional Liability Insurance:

Certain professions, like healthcare and oilfield jobs that are so prevalent in Louisiana, require an extra layer of protection from law suits. High risk jobs require a financial investment into your own risk avoidance. Legal fees from just one lawsuit can cause your business to shut its doors, so take a few moments to let our insurance brokers explain your options to you, whether your professional career is on the line for negligence, error or omission. Even if you aren’t in the wrong, you can still be sued. This type of insurance will make your company whole in the event of a frivolous lawsuit.

Surety and Fidelity Bonds:

If you are subject to licensing requirements or bonds for your business dealings with government or municipalities to guarantee payments for utilities, or state taxes, we can help. Our professionals have over 25 years of combined experience dealing with every imaginable scenario.