Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana

What is Homeowners' Insurance? 

For most people, your home will probably be the most expensive thing you ever purchase.

Homeowners’ Insurance is required by most lenders, so why not get your homeowners’ insurance from a company who understands the challenges that Louisiana residents experience? 

Living in Louisiana poses unique risks to both homeowners and renters alike.  Let us construct a plan to protect your greatest assets in the event of unexpected circumstances.

In addition to covering the physical structure of your home, and depending on your coverage, homeowners’ insurance can also protect the “contents” of your house. In insurance terms, the “contents” of your house include everything that would fall out if you were to literally turn your house upside down. This includes instruments, furniture, some appliances, clothing, jewelry, books, children’s toys, and hobby-related assets like golf clubs.

Homeowners’ insurance is separated into sub categories that we can customize to create a homeowner's insurance plan that is right for you. Some examples of the different facets of coverage you can add to your portfolio are:

Dwelling Coverage:

Dwelling Insurance covers the physical structure of your home, plus some adjoining structures such as decking, garages, patios, and more.

Personal Property:

Personal property insurance is pretty self explanatory. We often accumulate very valuable belongings over a lifetime. Increasingly, necessary personal items like cell phones and laptop computers can run anywhere from $1000 upwards.

This type of insurance covers the valuable belongings that you store inside your house, or pretend to take your house and turn it upside down, everything that falls out, well that's personal property. 

Other Structures:

Most homeowners have sheds and outdoor buildings for lawn equipment and barbecue pits. Protect your outdoor storage with structural coverage for covered peril.

Family Liability Protection:

As an insurance company, we know that accidents happen. If someone is injured on your property, you can have peace of mind with liability coverage.

Guest Medical Protection:

In addition to family liability coverage, your insurance can cover medical bills of someone injured at your home. If you have lawn or housekeeping contractors visit your home, it’s a great and affordable affordable way to have peace of mind.

Additional Living Expenses:

Did you know that insurance can pay for hotel rooms if you are required to stay in a hotel due to inclement weather? In Louisiana, that’s important to our customers. Ask us about how you can get insurance coverage that will pay for lodging if you ever have to evacuate from your home